The way we live?

Suddenly the penny drops, it is the way we live that is causing pandemics. The massive increase in international air travel and foreign holidays in exotic locations have become a consumer product. The acceptance that it is meat with every meal coupled with all the expectation that we should be able to buy any food from anywhere any time we want. The complete and utter disregard for wildlife and the habitats that sustain endangered species e.g. palm oil in Indonesia and Soya for animal feed in the amazon.

And what now? After a couple of months of worldwide lockdown there is the frantic clamour to get back to ‘normal’. But the normal has become dangerously abnormal. Normal is killing us. Normal is destroying the very thing that keeps us alive – plant Earth.

Just another gloom and doom story? It need not be that. Now we have the chance, a very slim window in which to do something differently. It looks like governments will not help us, but we can act alone or as part of groups or small communities.

There is another way that is not the ‘hair shirt’ option. Living a simpler life is possible within the over consuming, selfish mad scramble to have everything at any cost. We don’t need the latest fashions to be who we are. Do your own thing, step away from the crowd, resist being a lemming!

The best way to start is at your own front door, by asking what you allow though it. Start with food, question every decision you make when you stock up each week. Ask yourself why do I buy that? Is the cheapest always the best? Where does it come from? How much do we throw out each week? Think about everything you do regularly and ask yourself is there another way of doing that.