The right time to sow seeds and flood defences

What a cold, dry and miserable April it has been. Too cold to sow or plant much outdoors as the soil temperature has been too low. If you are new to gardening or have an allotment for the first time don’t be pulled along by the old myths like planting certain crops on specific days of the year. The climate is changing and you must go with the best conditions to ensure success.

Have a look at this page which gives details of the minimum and optimum soil temperatures for some common veg. Remember this is the soil temperature at the depth the seed is planted and not the surface. If it remains dry, then seeds and transplants will need regular watering. Water in the day and not last thing at night as the ground and plants will stay cold all night.

Now the forecast is giving many hours of heavy rain for Monday 3 May, well it is a bank holiday!

Our garden slopes to one corner and the water goes with the flow. This can flood the sheds just out of shot. For some time I have been meaning to put in  guttering to take the water off the paths and down a drain, the paving slabs have and intentional left to right slope. Today was the day when that little project was finished. Hope it works.