The EarthShot prize – food waste

Solving the problem of food waste, is one the primary objects of The EarthShot Prize.

WRAP estimated annual food waste arising within UK households, hospitality & food
service, food manufacture, retail and wholesale sectors in 2018 at around 9.5
million tonnes, 70% of which was intended to be consumed by people [
…] This had a value of over £19 billion a year and would be associated with 36 million tonnes of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.” (1)

“Wasted household food alone is responsible. […] it would be the equivalent of taking one in five cars off the road.” (2)

This is an area we want to concentrate on. Not because it is easy but because the whole food supply system is based on chronic over supply and controlled by supermarkets so they have more than enough produce to keep their customers happy and their profit high.

Unfortunately the world does not world like as land an water resources and being over exploited. At the consumer level it costs the average family a £680 a year (3) over spend on food and drink which is wasted and has to be disposed of!

Think about the massive national pile of rotting food that could be repurposed to many feed so many hungry people every day! And the unnecessary CO2 that is generated. That is why it is such a bit issue and needs an urgent solution.