Single crops in 1m square beds

For this trial there are four beds in the trial area, each will be planted with a single crop as follows.

Bed 1 – Onions, (Centurian)  68,  10cm apart in offset rows. Planted 31/03/09. The pictures below show the onion sets before they were covered with soil. If the tops are sticking out of the soil our neighbourhood birds pull the sets out of the ground which they did this morning in the half hour when I left the garden.

Bed 2 – Carrots, 68,  10cm apart in offset rows.

Bed 3 – Lettuce, Webbs wonderful – too large!

Bed 4 – Runner beans.

Update 15 July 2009

The beds are all growing well and we are taking enormous lettuce (Webbs Wonderful) from bed 3.


The onions are growing well and bulbing up nicely. What I am expecting, based on last year’s trial, is a total weight of around 10kg.


The carrot germination was not 100% so some ‘stations’ are empty. Having said that the carrots are growing well and will add to our successional sowing this year.


What can I say! We harvested one and it weighed 970gms. I used Webbs Wonderful because it is a variety my dad used to grow. They were always big and crunchy but maybe not best suited to a square metre bed.

Runner beans

We had so much trouble with dwarf French beans this year I decided to plant up a wigwam of runner beans. There are 11 in total as that is the number of plants I had! There could have been 12 or maybe 16.

Details of the harvest  here – nearly 9kg per bed!

See the video on YouTube

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