Quick & easy square metre beds – update 06 Sept 2010

It is just over 8 weeks since the new square metre beds were started. The results so far have been nothing short of spectacular. All four beds have shown tremendous growth and each is looking very healthy.

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The seed was sown on 15 July 2010 and the germination was rapid. Each station had 3-5 seeds and for the first time all stations germinated i.e. at least one seed came up. I can honestly say that is the best carrot germination rate I have ever experienced.

The seeds were sown 16 July 2010 in a row across the bottom edge of the bed as I wanted some plants for other beds. Again the germination rate was excellent. The transplants were shared between the original square metre beds in another part of the garden. There are 9 per bed. Now just a few weeks later the cabbages are looking very good and should be ready this month.

These were transplants raised in root trainers. There is a full bed in the main garden. They are doing well although a little late as the cold then dry weather held up the transplanting and meant that regular watering was needed.

I sowed several stations of perpetual spinach (leaf beet) at the same time as the cabbage. The germination was good producing strong healthy plants which were very attractive to the local pheasants! There were some losses along one edge of the bed but there were enough plants to replace those eaten. The bed is now looking good and there should be a good supply of spinach well into the winter.

See how the beds were made and the seed sown here.