A ‘standard’ SF bed

This is the mixed bed, planting plan below. The top of the photograph is North, square #1 is top left. The small triangular section of bed to the right is used as a nursery area or for extra/overflow crops. It seemed a shame to square it off and lose space!
Planting Plan
1. Climbing French bean (Lazy Housewife)
2. Climbing French bean (Lazy Housewife)
3. Sugar snap peas (Oregon)
4. Sugar snap peas (Oregon)
5. Leeks
6. 9xBeetroot (Bolthrady)
7. 8. Mixed herbs
9. 16xOnions (Bedford Champion – seed)
10. 16xCarrots (Early Nantes 2)
11. 4xdwarf Savoy cabbage (F1 Protovoy)
12. 13. 4xLettuce (Webbs Wonderful)
14. 15. 4xMarigolds 16. Lettuce (Salad Bowl)
Protection against slug damage To protect against slugs, the beds were treated with nematodes before planting. For further protection the Salad Bowl lettuce are in bottles and the cabbage have a copper strip round them.