New French study finds 32 toxic pesticides in the air

The fact that there are airborne residues from farmland spraying is not new. What is concerning is that this study measured the concentrations and type of chemical and found banned products.

The article says there is no evidence of airborne pesticides being a health hazard. That sounds like PR from agrochemical companies trying to avoid litigation. There is a long history of  people living close to farm land  complaining of symptoms when fields are sprayed.

What is really scary about the research is that they found traces of chemicals such as lindane which was banned in the EU in 2008.

It makes sense to ask if there are residues in soil dust. We know that a lot of spray ends up in soil and that some are very persistent so they could linger in soil for many years.

It really is time we stopped drenching food in chemicals however ‘safe’ the manufacturers claim it to be. It is an old fashioned and outdated way of farming that does huge damage to the environment. There are better ways to produce food.

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