Keyhole gardens

Yet another way to make a food garden. This idea comes from Africa but can be used anywhere. Here is an explnanataion of how to do it from Durham Organic Gardeners Association. They had one at Gateshead Summer Flower Show in 2008.

“The rich soil of a keyhole garden needs to be constrained within a wall or fence. Hence, we will be constructing a circular wooden fence which has a small gap for access (the keyhole) to a simple ‘basket’ in the middle. We plan to make the ‘basket’ with wooden posts and string or wire. To make a keyhole garden the best soil, enriched with as much compost and manure as are available, is built up inside the retaining wall and rises as a mound to the central point – i.e. the ‘basket’. Waste plant material is placed in the central basket and is watered with rain and/or grey water. Thus the garden is both watered and fed from the central moist composting material outwards towards the retaining wall/fence.

How about having a keyhole garden in every UK school? It would teach kids where food comes from, supply fresh veg to the school and could be used to link to African schools.


(First posted  7th  June 2008)