Urban farm

Urban farming is a broad term used to describe the growing of food in urban areas. This can vary from small scale gardening by individuals and groups to large scale gardening projects producing significant amounts of food.

In the UK there are some projects growing food for local communities based on the UK allotment system. That is, small plots of land leased to individuals at low rents. A full size allotment is typically about 1/8 acre.

Urban farming is just beginning to develop in the UK. The idea of growing food where it is to be consumed is real common sense. Not only can local people play a part in producing their own food but transport is eliminated (or severely reduced) which can only help the environment.

There are many opportunities for this type of project in the UK, I would like to hear of anything similar. Please email me if you have any information webmaster@organicgarden.org.uk.

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