2008 trial 3 – results

For this trial there are 4, 1m (approx) square beds as follows:
1 – Soil
2 – Soil + seaweed foliar spray
3 – Soil + sea minerals
4 – Soil + rock dust

See page 1 for more details

Table showing Brix readings achieved with different soil treatments

Bed treatments Carrots Brassicas Onions
Control 4.5 5.0 10.0
Seaweed spray 6.0 6.0 9.0
Desalinated sea water 9.0 9.0 11
Rock dust 9.5 9.0 12

Overall the remineralised beds (sea water and rock dust) did better than the control (no treatment) and the bed where plants were regularly sprayed with seaweed extract.  The bed treated with rock dust was slightly better that the one where desalianted sea water was used. Rock dust needs time to become active and tests repeated the next year would probably have shown better results.

The 4 onions patches produced over 10kg from 36 onions in the equivalent of 1 square metre. That is a remarkable result.