2008 trial 1

This is a trial of different ways to attempt to increase the levels of minerals in food. Previously I have used basalt rock dust as a soil amendment but have never done comparative trials of different remineralisation methods.

For this trial there are 4, 1m (approx) square beds as follows:
1. Soil
2. seaweed foliar spray
3. Sea minerals
4. Rock dust

Each bed will grow 4 separate crops, planted at the same time and treated in exactly the same way. The crops are: onions, carrots, lettuce/cabbage and dwarf French beans.

At harvest each crop will be sampled for BRIX levels and records kept. I hope to be able to repeat the trial over next 4-5 years.

A good explanation of BRIX and nutrient density can be found in The-Quest-for-Nutrient-Density by Jon C. Frank.

The beds were completed and 9 onions planted in the same square of each bed today, 29 April 2008.

The completed beds
A bucket of garden compost was added to each bed and lightly forked in
This bed had basalt rock dust added which was raked into the surface of the soil
The finished beds with 9 onion sets (Jetset) planted in the top left square of each bed

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