Rotol compost bin

What the catalogue says

rotol“Rotol Composters create a controlled, heat retaining, yet aerated environment, ideal for rapid decomposition. Once the Rotol is full, lift it off the heap, use the compost & start the process again. Made from 100% recycled plastic and guaranteed for 10 years, Rotol Composters are available in 2 sizes to suit any garden. Takes most organic garden waste inc. lawn clippings, leaves & weeds. Comes fully assembled with instructions and tips.”

The Verdict
A very good compost bin which works well. Simple construction, robust, light and easy to move. I insulated mine with 2 layers of bubble wrap and achieved a compost temperature of over 60C in the middle of winter. If you only have a small space in which to compost and cannot make your own bin then the Rotol is a good alternative.

The usual disclaimer applies, I have no connection with any company involved in the making or selling of this product and get no financial reward for writing this review.

(I have had my bin for about 15 years, the design has changed so current models might not look like the one in the photograph.)


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