Make hot compost

If you want to produce more compost in a shorter time, and are able to put more effort into it, then make hot compost.

Hot Step 1
Gather enough material to fill your compost container at one go. Bring in manure, scraps from the market, neighbours’ weeds and so on to make up the bulk. Make sure you have a mixture of green and brown materials.

Hot Step 2
Chop up tough items using shears, a sharp spade (lay items out on soil or grass to avoid jarring) or a shredder.

Hot Step 3
Mix ingredients together as much as possible before adding to the container. In particular, mix items, such as grass mowings, that tend to settle and exclude air, with more open items that tend to dry out. Fill the container as above, watering as you go.

Hot Step 4
Within a few days, the heap is likely to get hot to the touch. When it begins to cool down, or a week or two later, turn the heap. Remove everything from the container and mix it all up, trying to get the outside to the inside. Add water if it is dry or dry material if it is soggy. Replace in the bin.The heap may well heat up again; the new supply of air you have mixed in allows the fast acting aerobic microbes i.e. those that need oxygen, to continue with their work. Step 4 can be repeated several more times if you have the energy,but the heating will be less and less. When it no longer heats up again, leave it undisturbed to finish composting.

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