Composting kitchen waste trial

The bin we have chosen to trial is the Hotbin, see more information here. There are other systems around which range from an electrical powered system for use inside the kitchen to plain plastic bins for use in the garden.

Why did we choose the Hotbin?

  1. It is an insulated bin designed for hot composting i.e. to heat the contents to 40°C to 60°C.
  2. It is intended for kitchen waste although it will also take garden waste.
  3. The price is reasonable compared to the £400+ for some insulated rotary bins.
  4. The product looked well thought out.

Please note, we have no commercial interest in this product and purchased the bin through the normal channels without any discount or inducement.

The instructions say start the bin with a minimum of 40cms of kitchen or mixed kitchen/garden waste. It also recommends using the supplied ‘winter heater’ which is a plastic bottle filled with boiling water and placed in the centre of the contents. As the weather has turned very cold we used the heater.

The first fill consisted on kitchen scraps, some garden waste, shredded paper and the bulking agent (composted bark) supplied with the bin. The recommendation is not to open the bin again for 48 hours to allow the heater to warm the contents and get the bacteria busy.

Update January 2013