June Checklist

June is a month full of activities in many areas of the lawn, garden, and landscape.
Here’s a suggested job list:

  • Allow the tops of spring-flowering bulbs to completely wither and turn brown.
  • Protect ripening strawberries from birds with netting or row cover fabric.
  • Make plans to pick locally grown strawberries.
  • Thin developing fruit on fruit trees if there seems to be an excessive amount. This will result in larger fruits.
  • Prune fruit trees to eliminate suckers and watersprouts.
  • Plant more gladiolus bulbs for a succession of bloom.
  • Plant seeds of cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli directly in the garden for fall garden transplants.
  • Check plants carefully and regularly for insect pests.
  • Be sure to thin vegetables, particularly root crops, so they’ll have room to grow properly.
  • Tomatoes that are supported with stakes or cages tend to have cleaner and larger
  • Harvest established asparagus beds through the end of the month.
  • As perennials finish blooming, cut off the blooms and fertilize the plants.
  • Stake perennials as needed.
  • Apply mulches around shrubs, perennials and annuals to maintain soil moisture and an even soil temperature.
  • Prune climbing roses after they have bloomed. Remove dead and older canes.
  • Fertilise roses during their first bloom.
  • Pinch established chrysanthemums to develop fuller and stockier plants.
  • Balled and burlapped or container trees and shrubs can still be planted.
  • Take softwood cuttings of shrubs to start new plants.
  • Remove spent flower clusters or forming seed pods from azaleas, lilacs and rhododendrons.
  • Shape the growth of pines by snapping out one half to two thirds of the new candle growth.
  • Raise the mower blades to a height of 2 to 2-1/2 inches and mow frequently. Remove no more than one third of the total length of the grass blade.
  • Move some houseplants to a screened porch or shaded location outdoors.
  • Have a super month!

Adapted from “Seeds of Hope… Harvest of Pride!” – Gardener’s Checklist, www.bright.net/~gardens/index.html