First crops from the hot beds

At the end of March the winter salad mix sown on 8 January 2013 produced the first crop. It was a real treat to be able to pick fresh veg especially as the beds had been buried under deep snow for a week.

The soil temperature has been maintained at around 10C for weeks in bed 2 which has municipal compost over the manure. The bed with soil has not done so well so a lesson has been learned for next year.

The big problem in early spring is that the nights can be cold, -3C consistently over the last week. and the days can be warm. The temperature swing can be from -3c to 35c which is not good for the plants. The original design of the ‘solar pods’ (from: “Solar Gardening: Growing Vegetables Year-Round the American Intensive Way”) used to cover the beds needs updating and the plan is to make a new version over the summer with automatic, solar powered, ventilation. As most of the rasied beds need new edging board I will take the opportunity to standardise on 6ft x 4ft beds so that pods and net covers can be made to fit any bed.

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