Variety Type Description Rootstocks GRP Picking time
Belle de Louvain Dessert/ Culinary Large purple fruit, yellow flesh. Firm and sweet. St.Julien A C mid August
Warwickshire Drooper Dessert/ Culinary Large yellow juicy dual-purpose plum. Tree has a drooping habit. St.Julien A C early September
Merryweather Damson Dessert/ Culinary Large blue/black fruits for cooking or dessert. St.Julien A C late September
Pershore purple Culinary Purple equivalent to ‘Yellow Egg’. Pleasant as a dessert plum when ripe.
Good-disease resistant, reliable and heavy cropping.
St.Julien A C mid August
Sanctus Hubertus Dessert/ Culinary Large purple blue oval dual-purpose plum with a bloom. St.Julien A C early August
Victoria Dessert Well-known plum. Pale red skin, yellowish green flesh. Self-fertile, good
pollinator. Less disease-resistant than some plum varieties. Reliable heavy
St.Julien A C late August
Yellow Egg Culinary The variety that was most commonly grown in the Vale of Evesham, an area
renowned for its plums. Large yellow fruits. Self-fertile. Hardy, reliable,
heavy cropping.
St.Julien A C mid August

(Information supplied by Walcot Organic Nursery)