Growing fruit can seem daunting to beginners. Many gardeners are put off growing ‘tree fruit’ like apples, pairs, plums etc by the need for complicated pruning. It need not bee difficult and growing fruit can be very rewarding.

Top fruit or tree fruit – usually small tress growing apples, pairs, plums, damsons, meddlers, peaches etc.  For apple, pairs and plums, particular varieties are grafted onto a root stock which determines the size of the tree. See the page on apple root stocks to get an idea of how this determines size.

Bush fruit – as it says, bushes that bear edible fruit. The most popular are gooseberries, and currants. There are also some relatively new bushes which are crosses; e.g. the Jostaberry is cross between a blackcurrant and gooseberry.

Soft fruit – strawberries and raspberries are often referred to as ‘soft fruit’. Raspberries grow on canes which need to be managed according to the time of fruiting. Summer raspberries fruit on their second year of growth but most autumn fruiting varieties are ‘primo canes’ which means they fruit on new season growth. Primo canes (varieties like Autumn Bliss) should be cut down to ground level in mid winter.