Sucuk pide – Turkish pizza?

Watched Nigel Slater travelling around Turkey yesterday (09/02/2018.) Brilliant prog with lots of good, basic honest food. Particularly liked him doing Sucuk Pide and made a version of it today, without the sausage obviously. Used strong cheddar instead of Kashkaval cheese, if you try it be warned, the dough ingredients shown will make a very wet dough. I reverted to my usual bread recipe for Doves farm organic white bread flour as follows:

500g flour
Pinch salt
7g of fresh years (Sainsburys sell it from their bread counter if they have an instore bakery)
300ml water (100 ml boiling 250ml cold)

See the recipe on the BBC web site

For normal everyday bread dough, I use the above but with 3g organic sea salt, 3g organic sugar and 15ml organic extra virgin olive oil added and filtered tap water. Also vary the flour sometimes – 375g white bread flour plus 125 wholemeal bread flour.