Container gardens

If you do not have a garden or very limited space then you can use containers to grow food. They can be anything from recycled fish boxes to commercial systems. You can do-it-yourself or buy a complete kit. The main thing to remember is that is that even without a garden you can still grow food!

There are pages here that show what we have done over the years and prove that container growing can be productive and rewarding. There are opportunities wherever you live as all that plants need are water, food and sunlight, bit like us really.

In North American roof top food gardens have become common growing many thousands of tonnes of food each year right where it is needed. The beauty of using roof tops is that they are usually clear of obstructions that would shade ground level gardens and they are above the pollution level. Note the comment that there is a bylaw in Toronto that all buildings over a certain size have to include a ‘green room’ i.e. garden. Why not do the same in the UK?

There is also a strong tradition of container growing in Singapore. This is a pop up farm at at People’s Park Complex made by Edible Garden City

With the current interest in the supply in fresh food it would be good to see some bold new and innovative projects in the UK that use every available space to grow food close to where it is consumed.

To encourage more individuals without gardens to use containers to grow food we have updated previous posts, added new information and created a new area devoted to container growing.

More information

Earthbox kits – an easy way to start, we have used two Earthboxes for several years and will be planing them up in the coming weeks plus starting a trial of the smaller, deep box to grow carrots.

Balconies can be used to grow food
Roof top gardens in Singapore
Chengi hospital food garden

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