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Pesticides in supermarket salad wash water

In the week that the UK parliament voted against laws to maintain our food safety standards it appears that water used to wash salad crops imported from the US and Europe contains neonicotinoids. How do we know? Because it is polluting the rivers it is dumped into!

(Click image to go to the Guardian article.)

People cross a bridge over the River Itchen in Hampshire. Photograph: Andrew Matthews/PA

What is so disturbing is that the companies supplying supermarkets would do this. I know the answers, money, profits, keeping the shareholders happy bolstered by high levels of cynicism and indifference to the effects they are having and health and the environment.

What can we do? Make this as public as possible, ask questions, write to you MP, write to the supermarket you use. And the ultimate solution, bypass the whole production/supermarket process and grow you own salad leaves and watercress, see hope easy it is HERE.

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