Weather, the seasons and expectations

It never ceases to amaze me that whatever happens in this world the media always look for somebody to blame. Take the recent extreme weather. The broadcast and print media have been full of articles about how the disruption should have been avoided and looking for somebody to blame.

The weather is still out of our control and long may it remain so. It’s a known fact that winter can be cold and it can snow. But we have had a series of mild winters over the last few years and many have forgotten what the weather can do at this time of year.

It is also a sad fact that most people are becoming so divorced from ‘nature’ that any disruption to normal life is a shock. Gardeners should be the exception as any serious grower will come to know what the seasons are like and what weather to expect. It’s all part of the natural cycle.

Sometimes we are surprised and there seems to be more severe weather events these days. We should get used to the idea that weather is changing and is likely to continue to do so as the effects of climate change become more pronounced.

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