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WISE appeal (Centre for Alternative Technology)

CAT is well known for its work promoting renewal energy. What a lot of people do not know is that CAT is also a big organic gardener. Growing food has long been an important part of their work.

A few years back CAT launched the Wales Institute for Sustainable Education – WISE. Over the years they have built a solid reputation for the courses in all aspects of sustainability The project was a natural extension of this and it will create a purpose built education centre at a time when there is increasing need demand for education in sustainable living.

Everything was going well until they ran into problems with their builder. Now they have won a court action and were awarded £530,000 but, you guessed, the builder has gone bust! So, CAT is in desperate trouble and needs our support. They are trying to raise the money quickly and are asking for donations. Please help by going to the donation page where you can also read the whole story.