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‘Ultra-processed’ products now half of all UK family food purchases

An article in the Guardian today reports on research on the nutritional quality of heavily processed food. The print version shows a map of Europe with the UK being the highest consuming nation of processed food (as % of household purchases) in Europe. UK – 50.7%, Ireland – 45.9%, Germany 46.2% The lowest being Portugal – 10.2%, Italy – 13.4%, Greece 13.7%

Researchers refute the often-heard mantra of the food industry and  government:

Their research shows that the adage repeated constantly by the food industry and adopted by politicians – that “there is no such thing as bad food, just too much food” – is wrong, …

The links to be obesity are also mentioned. Then are the effects of a poor diet on health and the corresponding use of resources to treat conditions which could likely be avoided.

Eating good food need not be expensive especially if you grow your own organic fruit and veg. Habits need to change, diets need to change and we need a massive education programme to reverse obesity rates and help people move to a better diet.

Sugar the new oil as prices soar

The next food shortage is here. The price of sugar is soaring as speculation on the commodities market and the diversion to biofuel increase demand. According to an article in The Guardian today the price is being forced up by hedge fund speculators (gamblers) who are betting on a shortage. The Guardian says:

Heavy rain has disrupted milling in the world’s largest producer of sugar, Brazil, where a sizeable portion of sugarcane has been diverted from food use into ethanol fuel. Meanwhile the biggest consumer of sugar, India, has had a dismal monsoon season and has gone from being a net exporter of sugar to an importer.

Yet again changing global weather patterns are affecting production which is then made worse by the diversion of a food stuff to make fuel. How many more times does this have to happen before government realise that it is either food or fuel? As for the speculators, words fail me!