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Compost better than fertlizer

An article on the Environmental News Network says that using compost in the garden is better that fertilizer.  Adding good quality compost improves soil fertility, soil structure and provides nutrients in a way that enhances the soil.

A good quality compost can improve the soil far more than other amendments by making it more porous, and balancing the nutrients so that plants can thrive over a longer time. In clay soils … adding compost can break up clay so that water can penetrate into the earth, while losing less moisture from run-off.

A healthy soil also allows beneficial insects, earthworms and other creatures to crawl around and work the soil, which opens it up and allows more air to flow through. In turn, this aeration allows the soil to hold more water. This means that people don’t need to water their lawns and gardens as often.

Good compost is the best soil amendment but some compost is better than others. Producing quality compost is down to how it is made. Just throwing your waste material on an open heap will produce compost eventually but it will be of doubtful and variable quality. Being more systematic by waiting until you have enough materials to fill your bin in one go, having the correct mix of green (N) and brown (C) materials and the correct amount of moisture, will ensure that the compost works quickly and heats up. See the Composting pages in the Resources section above.

Every gardener should make compost from garden waste. There really is excuse for the huge bonfires that are a regular feature of most allotments. So do NOT burn fallen leaves use them to make leaf mould, see this page, which is low in nutrients but a very good soil conditioner.

And do not forget to compost your kitchen waste, be proud to have a ‘slop bucket’!

Gordon Brown to collect food scraps

So says the Daily Telegraph today. And about time too!

What annoys me is the language the press has been using about this story. Evidently there are plans for every kitchen in the country to have a ‘slop bucket’. Some of the more popular papers have treated this much like the frequency of waste collection services and wheelie bins. It verges on a hysterical over reaction to a simple step that could make a real difference to the amount of waste sent to landfill and the fertility of UK soils.

Recycled kitchen waste returns nutrients to the soil and produces high nitrogen compost. Every last drop goes into a home made compost tumbler for as it is far too valuable to throw away.

There will be more on a new project comparing different DIY tumblers later in the year so watch this space.