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Best tomatoes for hanging baskets

Last week the Daily Telegraph ran an exclusive preview of trials carried out by Gardening Which which to find the best variety of tomato to grow in a hanging basket. Trials like this are interesting but in the end the best variety is the one you like and the one that will grow best where you live so experiment to find what is best for you and your garden.


If you are tempted to have a go then start with one of the popular varieties. For some years I used Tumbler and found it worked well. Great taste and a good yield.

The other good thing about hanging baskets is that you can take them into the greenhouse to keep production going into the autumn. One year we even managed to pick a couple of ripe tomatoes on Christmas day. Do not expect much in the way of flavour as the sun provides the sweetness.

The Telegraph article gives details on how to grow toms in a hanging basket but it is definitely NOT an organic approach. They suggest using water retaining gels and artificial fertiliser, neither of which are ‘organic’.

All this has given me an idea, resurect the self-watering hanging basket and try again this year using home made comfrey liquid as a fertiliser. It should be fun and might even give us some toms right outside the front door.