Sowing onion seeds

Today I sowed three types of onion seed; Sturon, Giant Stuttgart and Ailsa Craig in quarter width trays. They are on a heated base with the temperature set to 14C. This must mark the start of the new growing season although it is cold and damp outside with the forecast of snow.

Normally our onions are grown from sets but in 2020 we lost around 25% of the crop to white rot. As I am sure there have been no onions grown on the plot for many years I can only assume that it came with the sets. That explains the use of seed this year, to see if we can get clean onions that will store well.

We also had an attack of allium leaf miner  so all alliums will be protected by insect proof netting this year.

Next to go in will garlic around Mid January if the weather is suitable. The cloves will be planted straight into the beds.