Single crops in 1m square beds – results

The trial has now produced the first harvests and the results are very good. The nine enormous lettuces (Webbs Wonderful) were lifted and replaced by cabbage. The 68 onions (Centurian) are drying and will be weighed when they go into store. Meanwhile there is a continuous harvest of runner beans and the carrots are ready to lift.

As the beds are cleared new crops will be planted to either over winter of provide some late season veg.

There is a streaming video of the first results below or you can watch by going direct to YouTube.

Update 6 September 2009
The harvest continues as follows:
Onions – now dried and stored, total weight 8.6 kg, average bulb weight 126gms.
Carrots – 900gms lifted to date, quality good.
Runner beans – 3.7kg picked to date, there are still masses of flowers and we are harvesting every other day.

Final update 31 October 2009
The harvest form the beds is as follows:

Lettuce –  9 Webb’s Wonderful harvested, total weight 6.3kg, replaced with 9 Hispi cabbages.
Onions – 8.6 kg, average weight 126gms.
Carrots – 9.0 kg
Runner beans – 8.8 kg

Total weight of food produced from 4, 1m square beds so far this year  = 35.40 kg or 77.80 pounds.

Average per bed = 8.83kg or 19.42 pounds.

Comparison to large beds, 15ft x 4ft (4.59m x 1.20m) the only figure I have is for potatoes – 8.84kg/sq.m or 19.45 pounds.

So it seems that the limit is about 8.83kg or 19.43 pounds per sq. m. Multiplied up that means our veg growing space of around 100 sq.m. could produce 883kg or 1943 pounds of food a year!

To put it another way the yield is equivalent to 88.3 tonnes per hectare or 35.63 tonnes per acre.

These are very interesting results and prove that significant amounts of food can be grown in very small beds. With more soil improvement and optimum nutrition these figures could be improved.

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