Quick & easy square metre beds – final update December 2010

Final Update – December 2010
The year ends with a lot of snow and very cold temperatures. Not many of the over wintering crops survived the – 19C minimum or the seemingly endless days and nights of -10 and below. When the snow eventually melted it was surprising to find the remains of the leek crop had survived and there were still some carrots to dig.

The big disappointment was the destruction of the leaf beet (perpetual spinach) which was to have been a source of greens through the winter. Some plants have thrown up new green leaves so maybe there will be a small supply in spring.

Overall yields
Cabbage, 9 head of Hispi with an average weight of 700gms = 6.3kg

Leeks, still being dug, estimated total yield of edible material ~ 5.5kg

Spinach, a couple of meals before being frosted.

Carrots, still some in ground but quality not as good as they were in the autumn. Estimated total yield ~ 6.8kg

The yields would have been much higher in a gentler winter! Considering that the beds were not planted until mid July, which really represents only a 4-5month season, this was a remarkable amount of food from virgin ground with very little effort.

Another way to gauge the success of the trial is how many meals have included produce from the beds.