SF gardening books

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All New Square Foot Gardening – Mel Bartholomew’s book details a simple yet highly effective gardening system. It is based on a grid of one-foot by one-foot squares, that produces big yields with less space and with less work than with conventional row gardens.

“Brilliant book. Radical ideas. I’ve used square foot beds in both my allotment and my small garden at home. Very successful. Thanks!”

Cash from Square Foot Gardening – Abundant Harvest, Healthy Finances, Healthy Families – Mel Bartholomew. A development of the basic Square Foot Gardening approach to fit a more commercial enterprise. Some useful tips for gardeners about using the Square Foot technique on a larger scale. Same excellent quality as the original Square Foot book above.
How to Grow More Vegetables (And Fruits, Nuts, Berries, Grains and Other Crops) – John Jeavons. Based on bio-intensive gardening techniques, this volume aims to show the reader how to raise enough fresh, healthy, organic vegetables for a family of four on a parcel of land as small as 800 square feet. Written for gardeners and farmers of all levels, and suitable for any size plot of land, it teaches how to produce high yields of food crops in very small spaces while nourishing the soil and reducing chemical usage. This revised edition includes charts and incorporates contemporary techniques and methods for small-scale food production. Not Square Foot gardening but another way of getting maximum yileds from small spaces.
The Sustainable Vegetable Garden – John Jeavons Presents the basic principles of bio-intensive gardening in concise, easy-to-understand terms accessible even to a gardening beginner. By implementing bio-intensive techniques and working in harmony with natural garden cycles, gardeners will soon produce yields up to four times greater than those obtainable with conventional methods, in a fraction of the growing space. Sustainable gardening is an environmental solution for the new millennium and this work helps gardeners contribute to that solution – in their own back garden.