More accidental composting

As I have said before composting happens when you least expect it. A few days back I recovered some bags of shredded tree prunings left by a contractor. There were piles of large chunks of wood and some of shredded leaves and small branches. The larger stuff was shredded again to reduce the size.

The thermometer is reading 59.8C

I was surprised by the stream coming off when the surface was disturbed, it has only been there for 3-4 days. Taking the temperature showed that the pile had heated up to 59.8C. My guess is that there was enough nitrogen (greens) from leaves and odd bits of grass the start things off.

The lawn was mowed today and the grass clippings ( greens or Nitrogen) mixed with the wood chips (browns or Carbon) to fill another bin which should get off to a good start.

That’s all four of our bins full which means we have made around four cubic metres of compost so far this year. We need to find space for two more bins!

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