Monsanto want to patent common vegetables

You have heard all the hype about Monsanto wanting to ‘feed the world’ well here is the reality, they want to own the world by taking out patents on common vegetables. That means that every time you grew one of their patented veg you would pay them for the privilege. Too outlandish to be true? Definitely not, just look at their track record; they have prosecuted farmers for accidentally growing GM plants where the seed has been self propagated i.e. the wind has blown it onto their land.

This company has morals and is only intent on total domination of the World food supply. We need to act fast before they slip through their patent applications. PLEASE sign the Avaaz petition and help them for 1 million signatures HERE

If you live in the EU contact your parliament member and tell them they have to stop this, you can find them HERE

This really is  major threat to the security of our food and the right to grow what we want without having to ask permission and pay fees to Monsanto. Please do something to stop this.

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