Is biodynamic the new organic?

According to The Daily telegraph today there is an upsurge in interest in Biodynamic farming and gardening. Like most of the media the article concentrates on planting by the moon and ignores that rest of the quite complex system of plant and soil care of biodynamics.

The Telegraph article is more balanced than most and outlines how biodynamics is becoming more mainstream. The spoiler is the throw away sentence at the end of the piece about howling at the moon!

The key to all this is the holistic approach to producing food and to life in general. Organic gardening goes some way to reengaging with natural cycles and living more in tune with mother earth. Biodynamics takes it several stages further.

I have used a moon planting calendar for a few years. I do not always get it right because sometimes it is just not possible to sow seeds on the recommended days but when I do it seems to work. Take, for example, the winter lettuce sown in the pollytunnel on Wednesday 23 September which according to the planting calendar was a leaf day. I noticed yesterday that they had germinated, that is just 4 days and is the kind of vigour that means healthier plants.

Some will argue that there are so many factors involved it is impossible to isolate just what helps. While accepting that it does no harm to follow a biodynamic calendar especially if it produces strong, healthy and tasty plants.

Check out details of the Biodynamic Food Fortnight; on from 3 October to 8 October see

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