Garlic harvest

Another crop harvested today, Garlic, Picardy Wight. The bulbs were planted in January. We have always chosen to plant early in the year rather than in the preceding autumn.

The bed used was at the top of the garden close to the greenhouse. The area was flooded to a  depth of 15cm (6 inches) last autumn so I doubt that an Autumn planting variety would have survived.

First time we have used this variety but it sounds ideal!

“Picardy Wight garlic is a softneck garlic originating from the province of Picardy in northern France and is known for its fierce flavour, great keeping, and ease of cultivation in cooler, wetter climates like ours. If you like your garlic strong, then this is the variety for you!”

Some of the garlic crop hanging from a beam in the shed.

Today we lifted 26 good sized bulbs and hung them to dry in the shed. They will be stored for use next year. With luck there should be enough for 4-6 months.

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