Composting kitchen waste trial – 6 years on

The HotBin has been in use for 6 years and is still performing as it should. We compost all kitchen waste except tea bags which contain plastic. They are split, the tea removed and the bags discarded.

What I like about the HotBin:

  1. It is easy to use and works well
  2. It produces compost all year round even in the coldest winters
  3. You do not need to be a master composter to get good results
  4. It does not need a lot of work, just add the material following the instructions and clear out the compost once a year, maybe more if you have a big family.

Everybody should compost their kitchen waste. If you are a gardeners then it is far too valuable to send to your local council.

Overall the results have been very good. There is now a MK2 model which looks even better!