Composting kitchen waste

Over the years I have tried many different ways to compost kitchen waste but none have really worked. There was too much for a worm bin and when the food scraps (no meat or fish) were added to the compost bin the rats moved in. I tried a DIY compost tumbler and while it just about worked it was full after 3 weeks and is hard to turn.

A few years back Bokashi bins came onto the market and they did work well. The problem was that burying the contents of the bin conflicted with the no-dig gardening and there was no spare space in summer as all the beds were full. There is also the ongoing cost of buying the bran mix to add to the bin.

There is a commercial composter, the Green Johanna on the market which claims to work with continuous supplies of kitchen waste. Does it work like the makers say?

Potentially we could compost the waste from 3 households which would include meat and fish. The ideal solution would be a Rocket composter but the cost is very high and they use electricity.

Then I found the HotBin. It looks like a good compromise and satisfies all the criteria. A quick look and I think it is the best solution so far.

Composting kitchen waste trial