First compost of the season

Making compost is at the core of everything we do; our garden runs on it. The aim is to make the garden totally self-sustaining and zero waste – no inputs from outside and no waste. This is only year 2 but we are getting there.

The first compost of the 2020 season was started on Tuesday 17 March. It was the day that the grass was dry enough to cut. The grass clippings were used in bin 1, where they were mixed with leaves collected last autumn to make just over half a bin, 0.5 cubic metre, of compost.

Day 1                                          Day2                                               Day3

It looks like it is working well with the temperature in the centre reaching 71C on day 3. If it goes any higher we will add water to cool things down to about 65C.

Please note: the contents are mixed and not layered. It seems to be fashionable to say that different materials should be layered, we have never done that. Think about it, you do not make a cake by adding layers of flour, sugar, eggs and milk to a cake tin but make a mixture of the ingredients.