Composting toilets

This is interesting. It shows how a composting toilet can work in a home and how to use grey water for irrigation.

The garden khazi

We have been using a DIY composting toilet at the garden for around 3 months. The bucket has been emptied once into an active compost heap i.e. one that reaches 50-60C for several days. The compost will then mature for another year before it is used in the veg garden.

There is absolutely no smell from the toilet as each ‘deposit’ is covered with sawdust. It works really well and gives 5 star facilities for the helpers at the garden. Have a look at my previous post for more information about simple compost toilets.

This is just a superb way to cut down water consumption and make something useful. I find it amazing that we should use so much drinking water to flush toilets; it’s a massive waste of resources.

Updated 07 June 2019

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