Composting kitchen waste update 25 Jan 2013

A couple of days ago I noticed the thermometer in the lid of the Hotbin was showing about 8C. As the air temp was below zero it had to be hot gases from working compost. I inserted the compost thermometer and it read 30C.

Today the lid thermometer was reading ~15C and the compost thermometer shows 42C. I think that is impressive considering the air temperature is -2C today and the bin is still less than one quarter full. It looks like the composting kitchen waste trial is already a success.

Update 26 Jan 2013

After the heavy snow last night it was easy to see that the Hotbin was working – the air coming out of the vent on the lid had melted the snow. The lid thermometer was showing 22C and the core temp was slightly under 60C.


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