Compost bin modifications

The compost at the bottom of bin 2 has always been very wet. When it was emptied last week the reason became obvious, there was a very thin layer of soil on top of solid rock. It might be possible to break it up and remove it but instead a false floor was made. The holes in the bottom slot in board is a trial of controlling the air flow through the heap.

The timber false floor made from old pallets

The two layers of chicken wire was covered with a layer of dry twigs to prevent material falling through.

The bin was filled with a mixture of grass cuttings and shredded tree prunings. Within 24 hours the core temperature had risen to 55C and the next day was 73C which is too high. After making some air holes through the contents the temperature dropped to 69C and is still falling. The ideal is to hold it at around 65C for 3-4 days.

That is all four bins full and working which means we need extra composting space as there is already the start of a pile of general garden waste waiting for shredding. Happy days!

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