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Onion harvest

We harvested the first onion bed a couple of days ago. There were 62 in the bed which is just under a metre square. There are a few smaller bulbs but generally they are a good size.

In the 2009 square metre bed trials  the total was 8.6 kg with an average weight of 126gms. It looks like the figures for this year will be higher as the sets planted into a bed with a good layer on compost. More information when they have dried off.

The onion bed just before harvest.

The crop looks good. They will be stored for use from January next year. There are anther 40 in another bed which should be ready next month. Again, they are for storing as our post BREXIT supply.

Around 80% of onion sold in the UK are imported from EU countries, the rest come from much further afield e.g. Egypt, Kenya and Israel. It is crazy that we import so many when they could be grown here?

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Parsnip germination trial – update 13 May 2020

The seeds were sown on 1 May 2020. The first parsnips seeds germinated overnight, 12 days later. They were pre-soaked and sown on their edge. For details of the trial see this page.

The original setup had a tray of seeds pre-soaking on capillary matting. It proved impossible to keep it wet so was abandoned and replaced by a tray of Tagetes minuta (Mexican marigold) seeds which germinated in 3-4 days.

Tagetes minuta – Marilgolds

Lesson learned
The trial has been stopped. It showed that getting the temperature right and consistent does indeed help germination. The way seeds were planted either on edge of flat made little difference to the germination rates. The key is to ensure that the seed is in good contact with the compost. That means a fine tilth especially for small seeds.