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How climate change will affect food supplies.

Soil and CO2

This is by far the best explanation of soil sequestration (storage) of CO2 in soil that I have seen. I cannot understand why farmers, gardeners and governments are not jumping on this as a way to help to drastically reduce atmospheric CO2.

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Why can’t we imagine how the land feels?

This article in The Guardian raises issues that explain why the world is in the state it is. If we see the planet only as a resource to be ruthlessly exploited then we will kill ourselves and every other living organism. What we have forgotten is that everything we need we need to survive comes from the Earth.

This is particularly true of soil. If it as only seen a substrate to provide support for engineered plants that rely chemical inputs to survive then we are doomed.

The loss of soil to erosion and resulting prediction that there is only 40 years of topsoil left should be a resounding wake up call. Yet there is no panic, there are no demonstrations in the streets, there is no understanding of what it means.

Another perspective on mass extinction

This post on Professor Mike Hulme’s Site really does raise issues that have been swamped by the panic that follows the impending mass extinction that everybody is talking about. He argues that things like equality and justice are being lost in the climate panic. He also questions if the science really is taking us down that route.

I know that I have felt a huge sense of panic and hopelessness over the last few months because of the enormity of the problem and the evidently short timescale to solve it. The result was paralysis.

What is obvious is that this is a problem of the ‘developed world’. That we go on adding to the problem day-by-day. To then obsess about their imminent demise seems selfish and neurotic.

So, read this and see what you think.


Why can’t we do this in the UK?

This area in Detroit is now America’s first 100% organic, self-sustainable neighborhood

Here is the video

This is an amazing project which works in so many different ways. Why can’t we do this in the UK? In time of food banks, poor nutrition, rickets in kids and a very insecure food supply it really is time we were doing project like this. So what is stopping us? I really want to know!

Is it the national depression that hangs over us? Is the cynical way the British look at everything these days? Or is it that nobody has the guts and energy to do such projects?

I really want to know what stops us taking control of our food supply.

Soil remineralisation page – major update

We have updated the soil remineralisation page and have included more links. We have been adding volcanic rock dust to our gardens from 2004 and believe it increases the nutritional value of the food produced and improves plant health.

Our previous garden suffered very few problems with pests and disease. This was achieved by good organic gardening practices like crop rotation, feeding the soil not the plant and not using artificial fertilisers and pesticides. plus adding rock dust. That will always be our approach to gardening.

Adding rock dust provided the minerals that were missing. See the page 

An easy way to reduce CO2 and save money!

This article in the Washington Post spells out how each and everyone of us can reduce CO2 emissions and pollution AND SAVE MONEY by not wasting food!

“If food waste were a country, it would come in third after the United States and China in terms of impact on global warming.”

Now consider how you can stop this happening. It is not hard, we can all start now, TODAY.

I would add that in the last resort compost it at home and add to the veg plot. We treat any food waste as organic gold dust, peelings, skins, tops removed from onions & leeks, apple cores. They all go into the compost bin.

Trent Cummings processes food waste to create compost in Washington, D.C. (Salwan Georges/The Washington Post)

Organic outperforms conventional agriculture

Just to show that all the misguided hype about how we need huge inputs of fertiliser, pesticides and GM is just that, hype from the vested interest of the huge agrochemical companies that make a profit out of fear.

And organic gardening probably outperforms conventional food gardening. See this link to out own trials.

From: “Kiss the Ground: How the Food You Eat Can Reverse Climate Change, Heal Your Body & Ultimately Save Our World” 2018, Kindle edition, p.138.

Why composting is vital

It might seem daft, it might appear to be cranky and a marginal activity but composting has enormous benefits. As they say in the video using composting reduces soil erosion, creates more fertile soil and locks up CO2. We are lucky in this part of Derbyshire as green waste and food waste is collected and composted. We try to give away as little as possible and compost it here for use on the veg garden. It’s not hard to do, see this page for more information and please email me if you want help.

See what they are doing in New York